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    Groundworks in Southampton

    Groundworks are essential for preparing both the foundation and sub-surfaces of construction areas and typically form the first stages of any construction project. We are a Southampton-based third-generation family-owned building firm providing a range of groundwork services to clients throughout the south of England.



    Our initial assessment will determine how the land has previously been used, its current stability, and any problems we are likely to run into. These assessments look at soil conditions, geology, hydrology, and hydrogeology. With six decades of experience under our belts, we know how to complete this essential part of the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.


    Site surveys

    Before construction can begin, the site needs to be surveyed and cleared of unwanted materials and debris. Proper care and approval are required for the removal of trees, vegetation, and other wildlife. Once the site has been cleared, the ground can be levelled and prepared for the remainder of the works.

    We will also install essential site services, such as drainage and utility connections. Some sites require more specialist features, such as tunnelling and shaft sinking. We are equipped to handle these as well.




    Stabilisation works

    Substructure refers to the structural work contained beneath the ground. Substructures are essential for transferring the load of the overlying structure to layers of soil or rock that can bear to load. Basements, excavations, and foundations all fall into this category..

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    What Does “Groundworks” Cover?

    If you’re based in Southampton or the surrounding area and are thinking about your next building project, the very first thing you need to consider is consulting a groundworks specialist. But what exactly is ‘groundworks’ and what role does it play in construction?


    What exactly are “groundworks“?

    The term groundworks is one that is almost exclusively used in the UK and it is used to describe a range of different building services. Groundwork is any building work that happens on or under the ground. Groundwork is an incredibly important part of any building project, and it must be completed to the highest of standards to ensure that the rest of the building can be constructed properly.


    What do Groundworks entail?

    The term groundworks covers a number of building services, such as:

    • Initial site clearance
    • Drainage works
    • Foundation laying
    • Landscaping

    Almost every building project must have an initial groundwork investigation to determine if the site is suitable for construction. Soil conditions are also checked, which can help to determine the right kind of foundation for the project.

    After this comes site clearance, where the topsoil of the area is removed and the ground is properly levelled. Any retaining walls are then built to prevent the soil from collapsing or eroding.


    After Groundworks

    Once the groundworks have been completed, the next step is to construct the ‘substructure’, where the foundations are built. A good foundation can ensure that the construction is built on solid ground and won’t collapse.

    Groundwork may also involve aesthetic landscaping, such as the creation of driveways and terracing.



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