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    Resin Driveways in Southampton

    Harris Surfacing is the expert in Southampton for surfacing work of all types, including resin bound driveways. A resin driveway is a fantastic way to enhance the exterior look of your home and bring out the features of the space. An attractive resin bound driveway is full of character and can really make a difference to your home.


    Fully customisable driveway

    There are so many benefits to opting for a resin bound driveway. Driveways of this type are fully customisable, letting you choose your preferred colours or incorporate specific shapes or patterns for a truly unique design. We work with each customer to understand what they want and provide the ideal solution.

    Our resin driveways are great for safety too. They produce a hardwearing, non-slip surface that quickly drains water away. Added to that, they are very low maintenance in comparison to other options. Resin-bound driveways are just one of the choices available in our driveway solution range.


    What are the Benefits of a Resin Driveway?

    As well as being fully customisable, there are several other benefits of resin driveways. Some of these include:


    Our resin driveways are permeable – meaning they’re able to drain air and water naturally. A permeable sub-base is also installed to allow water to pass from the surface to this underlayer. This means that a resin driveway complies with the Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) specification.

    When it comes to our resin driveways, permeability means that you can create your ideal landscape without having to request planning permission. Paired with our fast response team, we can get your resin driveway underway in no time.

    -Low Maintenance 

    This form of driveway construction also helps to minimise mould and weed growth. This is because the resin binds with the original surface – preventing undergrowth from the layer below. So, when it comes to maintaining your resin driveway, all you need to do is hose it down or give it a sweep.

    Since our resin systems are of excellent quality, they’re also resistant to oil spills and petrol. This is a result of their UV resistance, which means you don’t have to toil over getting rid of dark stains or spots.

    -Cost Effective 

    At Harris Surfacing, we have a commitment to our customers to always provide competitive and reasonable prices when it comes to driveway construction. Our resin driveway prices are determined on an individual basis. However, no matter the upfront cost of installation and purchase, resin driveways will always be cost-effective.

    This is primarily because resin driveways are extremely durable and will therefore require minimal maintenance and repairs over the years. With a resin driveway, you can save time and money on cleaning your surface and keeping it in good condition. Even with low maintenance, your resin driveway is sure to have a long lifespan of around 10-21 years.

    Harris Surfacing is committed to providing customers with resin driveways that combine form and function. This way, you can benefit from a resin driveway that boosts your home exterior whilst also having many functionalities.


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    We’ve been in business since 1956, meaning we have unbeatable knowledge and experience with all types of driveways. Serving customers in Southampton and nearby areas, we have what it takes to design and lay quality resin bound driveways. Our highly skilled team will bring the same exceptional standards of workmanship and customer service to every job we undertake – you can have total confidence when you enlist our services. We provide free quotations to help you understand your resin driveway cost – give us a call today to talk through your ideas.


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